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Papoose Summer Pom Poms (2.5cm, 20 pieces)

Papoose Summer Pom Poms (2.5cm, 20 pieces)

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These natural wool felt pom poms from Papoose are very textured & sturdy, and make excellent loose parts for play. Here at Barefoot Toys, we believe in exposing our little ones to a variety of textures and materials as they greatly enhance their play experiences. These simple wool felt pom poms have been such a valuable addition to our play experiences at home, and we want to share them with you! :) Our little ones have been using them in pretend play, sensory play, etc. and have even created their own games with them!

These pom poms are made using 100% natural wool & non-toxic biodegradable dyes, and have been lovingly handcrafted by a women’s fair-trade cooperative in Nepal.

* Each pom pom measures about 2.5cm in diameter and are sold in a set of 20.

* Little ones under the age of three should be closely supervised during play.