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BFT x Messy Fingers: Wild Dough Fun!
BFT x Messy Fingers: Wild Dough Fun!
BFT x Messy Fingers: Wild Dough Fun!
BFT x Messy Fingers: Wild Dough Fun!

BFT x Messy Fingers: Wild Dough Fun!

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Here at Barefoot Toys, we are HUGE fans of CollectA Animal Figurines and Playdough, because they truly are a go-to combination in our own homes for countless hours of fun and learning! Not to mention a great way to strengthen those hand & finger muscles needed for pre-writing, all while having fun!

Together with our dear friends from, we're really stoked to introduce this exclusive set of playdough that complements all our CollectA animals for everyday fun! We've tested over 20 colours with our animals before deciding on these 6 colours, so we really hope you will like them too! We chose a mix of more earthy, natural tones as well as brighter ones to give your creations a pop of colour! We also added white so that you can mix your own shades of colours as you create and play!

Colours included in this set are:

Sun - Yellow
Fire - Red
Sea - Blue
Arctic - White
Forest - Olive Green
Meadow - Green 

* The brown you see in the farm scene was mixed by our 6 year old using red and olive green :)

These taste-safe playdough are lovingly kneaded by hand and made of quality food grade ingredients and colouring. They have also been scented with a special blend of kid-safe essential oils (bergamot, sweet orange, mandarin, ho wood and frankincense) to give your little ones a feast for their senses. Seriously only the good stuff!

Each tub of dough weighs 180g, and this set comes with 6 tubs.

For those who may not want to play with the dough immediately or use all 6 tubs of dough at a go, you can also opt for the premix option :) Each packet of premix weighs 150g and yields 220g of dough. All the work has been done for you :) Just add boiling water to enjoy super fresh playdough for endless hours of fun! 

Receive 10% off this playdough with ANY set of CollectA purchased! Discount will be automatically calculated at check-out :)