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CollectA Mini Wild Animals

CollectA Mini Wild Animals

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Our favourite CollectA animal buddies in miniature! This set of 12 mini wild animals comes in a clear, travel-friendly container and includes a/an:

  • African Lion,
  • African Elephant,
  • Giraffe,
  • Zebra,
  • White Rhinoceros,
  • Hippopotamus,
  • Water Buffalo,
  • Tiger,
  • Panda,
  • American Black Bear,
  • Brown Bear and a
  • Western Gorilla.

Each figurine is realistically sculpted, made from quality PVC and painted with non-toxic acrylic paints. Use these CollectA buddies as you read aloud with your children, create small worlds together or enjoy some messy, sensory play! Open-ended, educational and fun, these mini animal figurines are truly a staple in every playful home!