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Playmags 28 Piece Dome Set

Playmags 28 Piece Dome Set

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Playmags are our favourite magnetic tiles! These safe, sturdy and colourful constructive pieces ignite your child’s imagination and offer endless possibilities of play! Children will effortlessly learn through creative play about colours, shapes, symmetry, basic math, engineering and so much more! 

This 28 piece Dome Set comes with unique pieces to stretch your child's imagination and offer even more hours of fun!

* Includes: 12 curves, 12 square frames and 4 trapeziums

* Safe and easy to manipulate as magnets connect well. Made with Supermags which are twice as strong!

* Super versatile and offer hours of open-ended play. Children can build anything they want!

* Clear colours are very attractive and look even better when light shines through

* Honestly fun for the whole family! Children of varying ages can be engaged together - Younger children can recognize shapes, colours, letters, count and start with creating 2-D structures, while older children can build in 3-D, learn how to problem solve, persevere and build foundations well. A win for everyone!